Living in an Uptown Socialite World

To be this and that- the life of an Uptown Socialite. Consider this blog a virtual space laced with trend setting tidbits and thoughts that reflect the various interests of Buppies and hood-fabulous all stars who are never satisfied with life defined within a box. Uptown Socialites with their degrees and memberships crave access and opportunity in every realm of their lives. Its not just about the career ladder, but the community authenticity they strive to maintain. They are at the forefront of what is fresh, sophisticated and socially relevant. They are continuous strivers and seek to distinguish themselves from the crew of bystanders. Uptown Socialites lead trails and don’t lag behind. They rise above the competition. They reign from the Block to the Boardroom and don’t believe they have to choose.

Here you will find the latest in “you need to know” news, articles to further develop your entreprenuerial spirit, lifestyle upliftment pieces, cultural and social tastemaker events and style and event tidbits. Since people find LIZ-E to be hilarious ,you are sure to read a piece or to on some outlandish behavior going on in the world. Plus, Liz-e’s life is kind of interesting so as she shifts so does the fingers on the keyboard.

Being an Uptown Socialite means getting up and getting out in front. You cant knock the hustle. So, start blazing now.


3 thoughts on “Living in an Uptown Socialite World”

  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

  2. Wassup love! I’m diggin the blog…especially the parts with me! Thanks for hosting us in BK this weekend, be back soon 🙂

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