Being a promoter sucks. Dont let them tell you lies. The only great part is the money and maybe the “popularity” so you are always “vip” and never wait in line and maybe free drinks. Or maybe you like the power trippin, you the “man” homie. But you aint really the man or that b though! Its all fake. Make-believe. and if money is the motive, or the hype or the fake love or the temporary power then you are good. I guess. Its all a whole lot of bad things disguised as a great time. Its sex, drugs, alcohol, music and dancing. HYPE. And in my 20s, it made me very happy to have so much, for so little work. But all this didnt make me a good person, it ruined my life. Its like being high, eventually you have to come down from that high. reality . Its all temporary!!! People often ask me, why I walked away and why its a love ,hate relationship. I say because its unhealthy and not real. After the black and white ball, in 2012 i woke up the next day and although I should of been happy to have hundreds of people at the sheraton, done without a lot of help— I felt nothing, but anger. 2 weeks later, i did another sold out event, it felt like nothing. I knew then I had fallen out of love with this lifestyle. I made a few thousand dollars for a few hours of work, and I didnt care. 1500 people in two weeks and it meant absolutely nothing to me…and I was really like, man I came back into this for what? because I could. but 12.19 came around and when the we love the kids holiday party ended, after seeing all those kids laugh, play and smile and their eyes bugged out over gifts. kids winning bikes, they never had. Something clicked. So if you want to be a promoter, or event planner or whatever title you want to put on your chest, its cool but I for one have no desire to just party because with all the fame, money, popularity, “vipness” you do nothing with it thats really meaningful and that should make you re-evaluate the purpose of your purpose. It should make you embarassed if you spent all this time in this industry & stand for nothing or have nothing to show for it. you make money from people’s hard earned money and you TRICK it OFF. And this is the absolute truth. and its painful, but honest. And its time to cut the shit and keep it 100.