A couple years ago I was watching Oprah. Sidebar: I love that woman. I was watching a show where she stated that she felt that having GRATITUDE in life would change your life. It changed hers. I was thinking to myself, how can I have gratitude with all this bullshit in my life. I was like, shit I worked hard for everything I got. Then everything started to crumble. I was freaking out. I realized I was in love with money. LOVE. I was in love with the thought of love. LOVE. I was in love with being “that b”, but I wasn’t humble nor was I appreciative for the amazing gifts I had in my life. I was never satisfied. Moral of the story: I lost a lot, a lot alot to the point that I had to rebuild everything, starting with myself. But during the chaos, I finally began to understand what was truly important in life. Its not how others perceive you, its not the stacks & the material things they afford you, its not even the power you gain. Having gratitude has taken me places that what I used to have, couldnt. Appreciate everything. You get more.