I read another article by a local media outlet, about the murder of a young man by Boston Police…interestingly it read like all other articles about black men who have been shot…my words:

Media is very powerful. So is Marketing. With a decade in this game, I get it. Especially now, when media is in the palm of our hands. Our kids hands. Whats most troubling about media is their profiling of people. especially urban, poor and of-color. and even more if you have any “spotty” things about yourself in your life like an arrest, or on welfare, or didnt get a fancy degree, if you wear hoodies, swear, smoke a blunt or drink or swear or wear chains or have braids ETCETCETC , which is MUCH of america, but nontheless this is the image of US. Last month my friends and I had an event in Roxbury that was peaceful and had over 1000 people over two days and it GOT NO PRESS. In fact a reporter came , interviewed us and then chose to write another story because they were anticipating “violence” at the trayvon march. I make this point to say, that we as a community have to hold the media accountable, actually everybody accountable and we must write and share our OWN STORIES about our OWN people because we are not all in crisis, not all crazy or dirty or savages or thugs or whores. And if we where does that make us LESS human? Like real people live here and by here I mean Roxbury, Dorchester, Mattapan and we real people matter. And deserve you to stop painting pictures of darkness.