I don’t know everything, but I know for sure that prayer works. I’m far from sanctified, but I’m god’s child just the same. I know personally a lot of people are going through something right now.I just prayed for guidance through dark paths & some light for dark days. Prayed a whole lot today. For better health & more wealth. For peace on these streets & peace of mind . For discipline & better decisions. Just for everything. See, I’m learning that I (lizzy)can’t fix all my problems nor can I clean up the mess created by others and I surely can’t change god’s plan either, but because I love more than myself and out of love beyond myself I prayed for everybody. I’m not sure I even did it “right” but I started with dear god please…and ended with thank you. So it sounded and felt right to me. Gn. And god bless this crazy thing called life.