On a daily basis I am frustrated at the pace of my city. The lack of leadership,power and togetherness of my black community. I am mad at the social scene & lack of spaces for us to congregate that have class and promote culture. I wish we had the arts & culture of brooklyn. or the upward mobility or atlanta or the happy hour professional scene of DC. Boston this is beantown, & I have always been ……proud to be a Criola from Boston. A Roxbury girl to be exact . I just don’t limit myself to the boundaries of my block. Somehow in my heart I know that I won’t leave for good, good or ever for very long…until I open up my businesses, help end this senseless violence, elevate more children and give roxbury its glory back. I’ve decided to spend my time, money and energy making things better for Boston instead of complaining. Or being paralyzed by my fears or frustrations. I refuse to be a crab in a barrel pulling anyone down, especially myself. I can’t help where I was born, but I can help making where I was born a better place