At 1:30am, my grandma strolled into my bedroom in the dark and asked politely if she could sleep with me. I was almost going to get up and walk her back to her room, but I happily obliged. As I hoisted her up into “kel cama grande(that big bed)” as she calls it, she said, “Thank you, I’m old I need someone to sleep next to me so I know I’m not alone.” Then she made me laugh by telling me her brand new bed was itching her! As she laid there, I started to sob myself to sleep. This will probably be a memory I won’t forget. I don’t really get christmas gifts, or gifts for that matter maybe that’s why I appreciate time, genuine love and my life so much. I can honestly say that 2012 has been such a humbling yet hard year. It hasn’t been easy dealing w/ her fading memory. Or her early morning hours. Or having to have yet another big responsibility when I have plenty to do. But I’ve learned a great deal about the woman I am, by deciding on the woman I didn’t want to be. As I awoke, there was no opening of any shiny and well draped boxes, there was no sexy man of my dreams or delightful chocolate under my pillow instead It was mama and me in the big bed.I got 1 christmas gift .I know I’m loved & appreciated by someone I love right back.