Its hard when you want something really bad to not have it or gain it “fast enough”. The world has taught me that there is time and place for everything in life. And sometimes, awe have a mis-step that sets us up for something greater.something better. And more importantly something that is truly for us. I remember when I got wait-listed at Harvard. I got denied from NYU. In one day I got 4 rejection letters. And I was thinking my life is over. But I got in and graduated from Wellesley. The place for me. Or the time a relationship failed & I couldn’t get out of bed. I’m def out of bed, doing the damn thing now. Or the time I got fired from a job, because I wasn’t focused. Or the many times I bust my ass with an event,and I still have to come out of pocket. We are impatient as humans, we feel entitled at times. But all in life come to understand you always have to stay determined. Just because its delayed doesn’t mean you will be denied other great things. It took a slight break down yesterday, what seemed like rivers of tears —but like always I woke up today holding strong to my faith & ambition. Disappointment can paralyze you, so got to just let it out and then move the fk on to the next.