Dear Men, 1. there are other color t-shirts besides the white t. and the huge fit, has been played out. 2. your heels on your shoes can be no need for the leaning tower of . 3. your true-religion jeans dont impress me, what over priced jeans and no crib? sad. 4. gucci everything looks tacky. 5. 2chainz and trinidad james shouldnt be your fashion icons. the more jewelry u wear, doesnt make you look fresher or richer, you look like mr.t w/o the muscles. 6. if you don’t own a suit, buy one. 7. taking pictures of yourself everyday, isnt as appealing to real women as you think. 8. stop LOL’ing me. smh & ttyl. its so….9. I have a face, a nice one at tthat. My bootay is a bonus. 10. Learn how to tie, a tie. thanks-lizzy