must read. Jimmy greene,the father of the lil brown girl from sandy hook wrote this most touching piece of writing about losing his little girl. for me it shed light on how much loss impacts an entire community. even when that loss is a 6yr old girl.

This was taken from the Remembering Ana Marquez -Greene’s memorial page


I wish this page weren’t necessary. I wish I could have had the pleasure of seeing my daughter’s smiling face, running across our front lawn from the school bus two Fridays ago, safe and sound. I wish I never had to feel my son’s body slump in my arms as I told him his sister, his best friend and playmate, was murdered at their school. I wish his ears never heard and his little mind never was forced to process the gruesome sounds and sights at school that morning. I wish I could have protected them from such horror – I wish I could have been there at Sandy Hook School that morning. I wish I could enter a room in my house without being overcome by grief, remembering Ana’s presence in the little things: the smell of her shampoo, the sound of her singing or snoring or saying “Hi Daddy!”

It is because these wishes won’t come true for me that I’m writing. My reality, the anger, loneliness and heaviness I feel is only made bearable by the faith, hope and love we embrace as a family. There are 25 other dads, whether of a brave Sandy Hook 1st grader or valiant teacher, who have been stricken just like me, forced to cope with this unimaginable burden of loss.

In the coming weeks and months, my hope is that laws and hearts will be changed but in the meantime, what do we do? I’m a musician – so was Ana. After a period of recovery, I trust that a new song will eventually be sung. Regardless of vocation, though, if each one of us, in our own sphere of influence, do all we can to invest in the eternal, show love in the natural, practice mercy and provide for another’s well-being, then our reality will look so much brighter.

Thank you for your overwhelming support, love and prayer. To quote my Glory Chapel pastor, Bishop Raul Gonzalez, “Together We Will!”

Love, Jimmy Greene