Besides my dad, roxbury, wellesley, and the regular industry bs…time has been a great teacher to me. There are a few things I wish I could go back in time and “do-over”. Like leaving the 1 man that probably loved me most and staying far too long w/ the 1 man that was fine w/out me. And I wish many times I could rid myself of my emotionally sensitive , easily overwhelmed side that always impacts my business who does way too much, too fast & feels really bad for people who don’t care for me or can’t help me. Or the amount of cash I’ve burned through making nights people will always remember and I’d rather forget. Time has taught me, that if you are ever so fortunate to see tomorrow and I have seen plenty… it will be OK. Shit happens.

I ain’t perfect and someday the things that make you cry will make you laugh. And that as you get older you start to appreciate the people and things that stood the test of time. Time has taught me to love me first, always trust in a higher power and to be there when your family needs you and sometimes when they don’t know they need you. Time has taught me to not ever get mad long or forget to plan for rainy days, they come in abundance. Time has taught me to live and cherish small people and things because they make a huge impact. Time has reassured me time and time again, its ok to be yourself, to dream big & try again after you fail. Time has taught me to smile, to give long hugs and to always offer a hand.
Time man, thank you for time.