Today, I walked out my office and in the hall in building D. There was an older man, he was in a wheel chair and he had one leg. He was alone. He had dropped his books and couldn’t retrieve them. Many walked pass him, he didn’t ask for help. He just kept staring at his books at the edge of his wheel. I walked toward him, bent down and picked up the books and placed them on his lap. Before he could say a word to me, I asked what he was doing there. He replied,” I got one leg , but my mind is still in tact. Finally getting that degree maybe if I knew some anatomy, I’d have a leg lol.” I smiled and asked why he didn’t ask for help? He replied, ” Well, I saw you when you were trying to get into your office today w/ 2 heavy bags, trying to open your mailbox w/ your phone, magazine and coffee in them big ole shoes…you didn’t ask for help either. I blurted out… “Right!” I spent 15 mins talking to him and learning about his life. He was a veteran. Going back to school.I realized today that we all think we can do it without help. Sometimes its our will power at times its our pride gets in the way. Sometimes we give up instead of getting help.But honestly there isn’t a better feeling than someone doing something nice for someone else. I might have helped johnny w/ his books, but johnny helped me realize I am doing too much & I have to get some help and its ok.