Spent my morning in roxbury. The soul of my city and the place where the tapestry that is my life has evolved. I walked from dudley street passed the Old emerson school where I learned my a’s, 2’s and to glue/cut and color. In that order! Through OP,where I spent mad years as a teen working and playing. I voted. Then I spent 3 hours working the polls in Lower Roxbury on Shawmut, after rolling through Dudley & passing the Obryant where I went to High school. Sitting here at Silver Slipper thinking & listening to Lauryn Hill. Watching brother after brother strolling in.Home will always be where the heart is, but home really needs to stand up for ourselves man. We are living in filth, we are in pain, angry, ignorant and obesity is killing us. One corner store and one bullet at a time. I saw a dozen kids in Hollister, who obviously didn’t make it to school today. Everyone who came to vote was over 40. Like who are we waiting for? We went to school. We got jobs and networks. We got voices. Its time for a new Roxbury. Honestly, its time to wake the fuck up and do something. I’m starting with myself.