This weekend I got to see my dad. he always brings me joy. I took my bff Babes along for the 3 day trip.We had a chance to watch Bourne Identity, have some cupcakes, hit Falmouth Heights Beach and enjoy our break away weekend. One thing that was hella funny, was that we slept in my parents room. They have this massive king size bed and here were my thoughts at 2am:

Being cape verdean most of our parents are catholic. Like Super catholic (for funerals, weddings,etc.) so there are mad religious items in the home growing up. I’m visiting my dad and sleeping in his california king bed he never sleeps in. (I digress) and there is a large virgin mary in the room. As if it that wasn’t bad enough she glows in the dark. I feel like I need to drop to my knees and confess right now. Father God. My bad. Sincerely -lizzy