My list of Ten things a woman always needs. 1. A bad-ass pair of shoes, she can wear anywhere/anytime. 2. A friend who you may hardly see, that will a lways tells you the truth, when you are stuck on stupid. 3. The Maturity to know when apologize & how to say No. 4. 3 men to reflect on- A man to remind her, how to choose between what she wants vs needs, a man she definitely wants & one she doesn’t… need. 5. An older woman mentor to teach her class, confidence & conviction. 6. Someone to believe in, someone to lean on & someone who makes you laugh & smile. 7. The willpower to walk away & the motivation to stay away. 8. Knowledge of positive Self-care, self-love & self-esteem. 9. A great doctor, lawyer & accountant at her disposal. Hopefully, they are all girlfriends. 10. A great bag full with essentials in case she got to go, anywhere fast.