Now that I think about it being a “promoter” is probably the worst decision I have made in my life without making one. Although it surely elevated my personal status, it has far from enriched my soul. Sometimes what comes easy to you, is exactly what you shouldn’t do. A city full of “promoters” yet every party is the damn same. How many white and black parties can we do? Actually we’ve gone backwards as a “scene”. There are no real celebrity events or athlete driven ones. People fight over 150 person venues. We don’t have 2k person parties anymore. You get charged $20/25 to see hood all stars in bars. There are less concerts, comedy shows,etc.When 1 person does a spot, everyone hops on. Like seriously what are we doing? Furthermore, what am I doing? There was a time we had clout, now its the cornball connection. I’m bored with this, more importantly I’m embarassed at what we call nightlife in boston for black folks. Endnote.