my dope-ass status updates. written by me or adapted by other people’s dope-ass words and phrases. s/o to you all.

I woke up this morning & more than ever in my life I am so proud to be a Cape Verdean chic born & raised in Roxbury. (my mood)

When you are a hustler, the only fear you have is to go back to nothing. I’ve been there & I ain’t never going back. (saw something similar on a shirt)

A dude paid me a compliment last night . He said, my smile was radiating. It’s refreshing to be smiling again.

I love the hood. Just got home and I’m at a cookout.

We are 20-30 somethings of color need to mentor and volunteer more. There is a whole generation we have left behind to fend for themselves and they need love, support and guidance.

I’ve never been a hater. Not then & not now. When someone deserves props, give it to them.

My favorite: 5 steps to a better life: 1.Mind your own business. 2. Don’t mind their business. 3. Handle your business. 4. Do good business. 5. Be about your business.