My mother taught me a lot.On sunday, I was told that my neighbor across the street who happens to be Dominican lost her 5yr old son in a drowning that day. I knew the lil boy, but just from stoop to stoop. Him always keeping his lil bro safe.Sadly,I didn’t even go there to say I’m sorry for your loss. “I was busy” always in a fucking hurry.truth, I didn’t know how to react. I felt like I didn’t know them enough. So as I walked in my gate, my mother was coming outside w/ all the water/boxes of soda,juiceboxes from my basement. I’m like “woman what r u doing.” She said,”something you should of did are bringing this stuff from this basement across the street to that woman. As I hesitated, she threw on my blazer and led the way. The first person I saw, was his lil bro. The neighbors was overwhelmed w/emotion & thankful. My mother taught me today that generousity and compassion are so important. Even toward people “u don’t know” computers, phones, the net,etc are supposed to make communication quicker/better, instead were are more distant. More busy doing meaningless shit.