a collection of highly favored status updates

“Your validation is just not that important to me.” From Willow Smiths new song. Shes on point.

Sometimes the same dude you break bread with becomes the same person who tries to take your bread from you. Greed is a disease. The greedy have two things in common, they are very common and theynever stay up long. When it comes to you in a shady manner, it leaves you in a shady manner.

As I celebrated my birthday one thing was apparent to me. It doesn’t cost you a thing to be happy for someone else’s special moments, growth or achievements or to bring some joy into someone else’s life. The more good you share, the more you reap. If u stay stuck on yourself, you’ll stay stuck.

As I awoke this am. I looked to my left & there was no IDRIS. Just damn pillows. I walked to my wallet, thinking it would be so dope if there was a stack or a high limit credit card for this expensive day. Nope. A sista gotta dream.BUT its my birthday and I have been showered with love all day. And that my friends is something money can’t buy nor a man can replace. Thank u all.

There are a few things I’m so good on after tonight for the summer. Men. Liquor. High-ass heels. Paying for shit. Done.com and IN THAT ORDER.