Its 2012. Its ok to not match & even more ok to not look like everybody else. Its ok to be confident & cool. Its ok to not always agree. Its ok to understand the word of god & still be a sinner. Shoot everybody is a work in progress.Its ok to love and admire people from afar. Its ok to be smart and successful and not have to apologize for it every time someone else is intimidated. Its ok to not be… a fan and still not a foe. Its ok to use proper english, be an avid reader & write full sentences w/ correct grammar. Its ok to say ” an occasional fu=k and shit”. Its ok to not be totally sure of what you desire, but still be working toward it. Its ok to read Plato & old 2pac lyrics. Its ok to not give any fuxs what people think, who didn’t give you life & not giving you a better life. Its ok people to do the exact opposite of what everyone else is doing. Its ok to love the hood and still not be too hood. Its ok to cry. Its ok to make amends and still not be a sucka.Its ok to do things alone. Its absolutely ok to BE YOU!