You dont have to be a size 2 to be beautiful. You dont have to be naked to be sexy and you sure as hell don’t need to spend thousands or be a brand whore to look good.

I wish I was rich. I wish I didnt have to work so hard & when I blinked my eyes I could afford and be anywhere in the world I wanted to. I wish I had a husband and he said to me ” Girl just relax, Don’t worry about a thing, I got you!” Now that would be the life.

sitting in my office having a pity party for myself because I’m exhausted.overworked in my freaking life and in walks in a 70 year old black man to take a french test for his college degree which he started at 68. he tells me he learned how to use the computer only 3 yrs ago & I think …life aint that hard for you lizzy. man up.

At the end of the day someone else’s opinion of you, is just that: their opinion. If you are not Maria & Alberto (my esteemed parents), GOD or his son, Jesus Christ, Allah, Bill Gates, Oprah, Mother Theresa – the second coming or Barack or Michelle Obama I am not checking for your unwarranted opinion. You don’t run anything I am trying to be apart of. I have plenty of opinions about everything, but I give no fuxs if someone else agrees with me.