Im so tired of seeing ASS on my timeline. it tells me a lot about a person that the ONLY shit you got to say , is nothing of any damn importance. And as a woman LOVE your face as much as you love that other part of your body. It will do volumes for you.

We live in a time where people find it difficult to compliment you, but easily copy you and profess their originality.

Heard this today. Fitting.”The only person you need to be BETTER than, is the person you are now.” KC

Greatness is contagious. When you are around greatness, you become great.

Heard this message today. “Although GOD will accept you as you ARE he LOVES you too much to LEAVE you as you WERE.” Everything worthwhile in your life requires you to get ready. A mate, parenthood, a new career,etc. So GET yourself together. Get READY.