Your JOY is NOT for SALE. Stop selling it on consignment. Girl has an attitude & you get an attitude back. She just stole your joy. Dude acting up, he got you aggy & sad. He just stole your joy. Got a hater on your heels, going in on you like they your publicist. You fire back.They just stole your joy. People want your attention. Limit that shit.
Most of the time the people who are the most critical of you, are the people who can learn the most from you.
It’s OBAMA against ROMNEY. Its on.
God thank you for my special gifts :my sisters Iam Stephanieb Steph Pires & Cristina Miranda. I’m the oldest, but man I love these chics. Each of them teaches me something new everyday.
If you have faith in GOD, it also means you have Faith in his timing. Somethings take so long, others happen so soon. Sometimes you aren’t prepared for either. I’ve come a long way & a lesson learned is to be ready for whatever.whenever.wherever.