Been tired. So I call my Daddy to release my “stress”. He always says the right things. Me: “Daddy I need to talk to you. Daddy: ” You always need to talk to me. You need to takeitez .booboo you rested a lot in your life, you never had a factory job. that’s what’s hard. You work on a computer. You never been hungry & you never been in a war. You never been a slave. You never walk barefoot. You n…ever been sick, with no medicine. You never been all alone. Me, I been barefoot, hungry, alone, poor, in a war & I don’t have no education like you. When I came to this country I make 2 dolla an hour.Me I once had a toothache for a year! You are not whatever you think, your life is ez,so get over it.and if you were calling me about a man, I don’t even wanna hear about it.” I love this dude! Check please.