I’m getting ready for work. I open the bathroom window hoping my hair would dry faster. I hear all this rumbling from my recycling bin. I’m like ,”somebodys cat or dog is making a damn mess.” So I run outside to scare it away. Instead its not a cat or a dog, I’m taken a back, its a human.see, I “don’t have time” to redeem all the bottles of beer or soda that this house produces,so I chuck it in t…he bin. and here is someone who needs it. An older man.This hurt my heart. In an instant my sensitive ass starts to cry. Before I can say sorry, In a soft spanish voice, he says “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to bother your things. This is my life. He shows me 2 fingers,implying this is 2 bucks worth and says “very good!” I watched him parade down the street w/ someone else’s recycling bin. I stood in the door way,speechless, hair dripping wet thinking ” I think life is hard….yet dude is happy w/ my 2 bucks I chose to throw away.this time in my life has been so humbling.
After I got to work, I got this from my sister to whom I shared the above story before I posted it.